Monday, January 5, 2009

Ugh, Back to Work..

After two weeks of vacation, today was the day to go back to work! It is amazing how a vacation can spoil you and make it so hard to get back to a normal daily routine...

During my recent time off I....

1. spent mornings drinking coffee and watching news programs

2. stayed in my slippers all day

3. got a sinus infection...ugh

4. pulled a muscle in my neck and had to use a heating pad and Ben Gay for several days..oww!

5. sang at a Christmas party

6. played with my dogs

7. started this blog

8. bought a new laptop

9. started sleeping on a therapeutic memory foam pillow...took a bit of getting used to, but it has helped my neck tremendously!

10 ate fudge, fruitcake, dessert..etc..........oink oink!

11. spent time with family

12. stayed up late watching TV

All in all, despite the sinus infection and neck pain I had a very nice, peaceful holiday. Hey, I just made it through Monday, the rest of the week can't be too bad can it?


  1. Happy Monday back to work K. I hope it was a good one!

  2. Ugh back to work but you are through monday. Sounds like besides the two icks your time off was well spent.

  3. You sound like me - dragging myself back to school! My students were great but poor V got so anxious going back to school she had a horrible afternoon. I am glad you survived Monday - four more days until the weekend! :)

  4. Mondays are always the worst... the rest of the week has to be awesome! :0)