Friday, June 5, 2009

The past few months..

I have decided to finally update my page after many months of procrastinating! I have happy news to share and now I have to figure out where to begin..
I think I will just start with February!

February...Hubby and I were matched with two lovely girls in need of a permanent family( aged 12 and 11)!! Quite unexpected, but a wonderful surprise! It has always been my dream to adopt a child or children into the family. We started transitional visits on Valentine's Say weekend! The girls are beautiful and sweet and we are hopeful that this will be a terrific match!

March, April....More visits! There is four and a half hours of driving between us and the girls, so we have been doing a lot of traveling! It has been fun though, and we have enjoyed getting to know our new daughters! They are pretty typical "tweens" ..thus far, and they love to go shopping!

May.. The visits continue. The girls are becoming more relaxed and and are being themselves. They sometimes argue and like to pick on each other..sisters! They are opposites in many ways..The oldest, K, is more of a tomboy, while S, the youngest, is a real girlie-girl. K likes the outdoors, is easy-going and is also a bit of a prankster! S loves clothes, Hanna Montana, and dreams of going to the prom.. During this time, I also finally heard from my former foster son, J, who lived with us for 18 months. He has even been allowed to come and stay on several weekends! He is well and doing good in school..two 3's on his EOG!

June..I sit here anticipating the arrival of my girls on June 12.. I can hardly believe it. I so hope I can be the kind of mother they so need and deserve.. This weekend they are having a "New Beginnings party" instead of a going away party. Their foster family who has had them for 18 months, along with other friends and neighbors are giving them this special celebration.. They are so excited!


  1. June 12 - that's coming up SOON! I know you are thrilled and I am so happy the girls are so excited! :) Can't wait to hear more once they are here!

  2. Yay for June 12! Are you ready? I will be waiting eagerly to hear more. Or read more...whatever.

  3. oh my goodness! it is almost here! i am so excited for you. and YES you WILL be the kind of mother that they need. can't wait to hear they are finally HOME!!!!!!