Friday, June 12, 2009

New Beginnings and startling parallels

Today, June 12, my new daughters, K and S moved in! Last year on June 12, My foster son of 18 months left to be reunified with birth family. This is one of several intriguing parallels. My foster son, J moved in the week after Thanksgiving 2006 and left on June 12, 2008. K and S moved in with their foster parents the week after Thanksgiving 2007 and came to us on June 12, 2009. J had only one foster placement during that time. K and S had only one foster placement. J was(and still is) very bonded to us. K and S were(and still are) very bonded to their foster family. K and S's foster family, I know, are grieving tonight. I know how they feel. One family's joy is another's grief. I was grieving a year ago today. There are happy outcomes for both situations. J is allowed contact with us now and can come to spend the weekend whenever he wishes. K and S will still be allowed to maintain contact with their foster family as well. Through my own experiences, I know how important healthy contacts can be for children. My heart is full tonight as I ponder all the blessings I have been given.


  1. I am so glad they are home! God definitely knew what He was doing - you would never have met K and S if you hadn't been fostering J at the same time. How awesome! Hope everything is going well and the girls are settling in!

  2. Im so glad they are home, too Kim!!! And I still think its absolutely fabulous that J is having contact with you. I bet that is something you never expected! Keep us updated!

  3. why is it this post just showed up on my blog reader more than a month later, ahhhhhh